OCOM Headshot Party

June 19th, 2018

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Make a great first impression for only $99

OCOM Headshot Party - June 19th, 2018

The saying “Never judge a book by its cover”, while charming, isn’t entirely relevant in the real world. In reality, we are all judged, or perceived, by the way we look. And, particularly when it comes to professional situations. Whether it is on your website, LinkedIn profile or during job interviews, we have a short amount of time to make a good first impression.

While most career-minded people understand the importance of business professional attire in-person, far too many forget about their online presence — the first place most clients get to know them. This is why a professional headshot is so important!  When making that first appointment, your potential clients will take a look at your photo and figure out what kind of person you are and most importantly whether you might be the right practitioner for them.

We will be providing OCOM Students, Staff and Faculty the opportunity to have professionally taken headshots by two photographers with two totally different looks for only $99! Also, for every 5 appointments booked, we will donate a headshot session to Dress for Success Oregon. 


June 19th - 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm


OCOM Downtown Campus